PedalPusher Expression Pedal

PedalPusher Expression Pedal


PedalPusher is a new light-weight extended-range Expression Pedal for controlling your MIDI parameters.  Plug it into any Expression Pedal jack on the back of your audio equipment.

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PedalPusher is a new light-weight, extended-range Expression Pedal for controlling your MIDI parameters.  It offers many exciting improvements to existing expression pedals.

Extended Range:  While the majority of expression pedals rotate through just 10 to 15 degrees, PedalPusher rotates through a full 30 degrees.  This allows you to make small changes with much greater precision, while large changes can be made much more smoothly.

Light yet Rugged:  With the current crop of competing expression pedals, there have been only two choices.  If you wanted light weight, you had to choose a plastic pedal.  If you wanted ruggedness, you had to choose an extremely heavy pedal.  With PedalPusher, you finally have an extremely rugged pedal — made from 1/8” thick aluminum — that weighs just a little over one pound.  So you can add multiple PedalPushers to your pedal board and still carry it without needing a fork lift!

Linear Travel:  Many expression pedals use a cheap mechanism that results in fast and slow spots along its travel.  PedalPusher uses a two-stage metal gear drive to insure precise linearity across the entire range of travel, giving you the smoothest possible control over your parameter changes.  No sudden onset at the heel end, and no dead zone at the toe end.

Compatibility:  PedalPusher features a tip/ring swap switch, allowing compatibility with both types of expression pedal inputs.

Appearance:  It looks like a wedge of brushed-aluminum swiss cheese.  It’s cool, check it out!

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