ButtonPusher is a generic momentary footswitch that features an exceptionally well-made footswitch component and parallel-wired 1/4″ jacks.  It can be used to control any product that has a 1/4″ input for momentary footswitch control. For example, you could use it as an extremely compact keyboard sustain pedal.

Because it has two jacks instead of one, you can daisy-chain a bunch of them across the stage and engage the target function from wherever you’re standing.

ButtonPusher was designed to be compact – you can fit a great number of them on your pedalboard without needing a forklift to carry it. And it’s made in the USA using architectural-grade aluminum extrusion with 1/8” wall thickness, so it’s light-weight yet extremely durable. The footswitch itself has a satisfying but soft click. You simply can’t buy a better footswitch

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